Roots of Innovation

Founded in 1987, Cree LED began with a focus on semiconductor materials and fueled the adoption of blue LED die in automotive and display backlighting applications.

Throughout the 1990s we further refined LED technology and became a leading innovator in the space. Cree LED accelerated the LED Lighting Revolution in 2006 with the launch of the industry’s first packaged lighting-class LED, the XLamp® XR-E LED.

Ever since, we’ve driven innovation that has established LEDs as the primary illumination technology used in general lighting and large video display applications. Today, we continue to expand and innovate with best-in-class LED solutions.

Winning the LED Lighting Revolution as a Part of Cree

Cree’s LED division went from unknown to market leader through an impressive series of industry-first innovations to overcome all arguments against LEDs as the best light source available. These milestones in LED brightness, color consistency, efficacy and reliability drove the change-resistant lighting industry to acknowledge and ultimately adopt LEDs across all applications.

Today, Cree LEDs are all over the world. Our high power and application-optimized LEDs lead the industry.

General Lighting – Indoor

Directional, Accent, Spot, Downlight, Troffer, Linear, Low Bay, Sconces

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General Lighting – Outdoor

Roadway, Street Light, Tunnel, Parking Lot, Parking Garage, Wall Packs, Post Tops, Landscape, Pathway, Step

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Building Exterior, Bridges, Fountain, Pool, Studio, Stage, Live Concerts

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TV Studio, Stadium, Arena, Sports, Remote Medicine

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Greenhouse, Vertical Farming, Supplemental, Interlighting, Aquaculture, Agriculture

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Portable Lighting

Torch, Flashlight, Tactical Flashlight, Head Lamp, Bike Light, Weapon Light, Lanterns

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Retail Lighting

Clothing Store, Fashion Store, Furniture Store, Hotel, Restaurant

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Automotive & Emergency Vehicle Lighting

Automotive Aftermarket, Tractor-Trailer, Semi, Offroad, Motorcycle, Emergency Vehicle Lighting, Police, Ambulance, Fire, Rescue

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Message Boards, Information Signs, Digital Signs, Scoreboards, Advertising Backlighting, Roadway Signs, Gas Price Signs

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Video Screens

Digital Signs, Advertising Signs, Stadium Screens & Ribbons, Full-Color Info Signs

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Wherever you find Cree LEDs, you’ll find our expert support and industry-best customer service.

The Path Forward as Cree LED

While our name has changed, our commitment to superior LED technology, reliability, innovation, support and service remain strong. Our executive management, product management, R&D and production teams remain the same. Our global distribution channels and sales teams remain in force. Operations at our Durham, NC-based headquarters and our proprietary packaging facilities in Huizhou, China continue at full speed. The same teams that bring years of Cree LED experience are newly energized to help our customers continuously improve their LED-based products and develop new applications.

Our name demonstrates our single-minded focus on advancing LED technology. As Cree LED we leverage our broad portfolio of LED chips and components with the power of our expert teams to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in illumination.

Cree LED continues to make the world brighter.

Cree LED: Innovation Timeline


Cree Founded


Commercialized the world’s first SiC blue LED


World’s #1 blue LED die supplier

Cree Blue LEDs used in VW Dashboard


First lighting-class LED: XLamp XR-E

First power LED Chip XB900


First 2D LED emitter die EZ Gen1


Sets high power LED package benchmark: XLamp XP-E


First to simplify LED color binning: EasyWhite bins

First waterproof SMD LEDs for video screens


First single die LED to break 1000 lumens: XLamp XM-L


First high power, high voltage LEDs

First tilted angle signage LEDs


First to break high power price performance barriers: XLamp XT-E & XP-G2


First high lumen density LED arrays


First extreme high power LEDs: SC5 technology platform


First surface mount arrays to replace mid-power LEDs: XLamp MH

First LEDs optimized for maximum candela: High intensity

First low power LED chips 100% tested and specified at 2kV ESD


First in class to shatter 200 2016 LPW: XLamp XP-G3

Best minimum LPW: XLamp XT-E High Efficacy


First extreme density LED to break 200 lm/mm2: XLamp XD16

First Cost-Optimized 1W RGBW Architectural LED: CLQ6A


First LED optimized for connected lighting: XP-G3 S Line


First LED to deliver 2x efficiency of incumbent lighting in horticulture: XLamp XP-G3 Photo Red


First SMD RGB LED for roadway signage: CV94D


New focus, new energy, & new products.