Cree LEDs can be found in products manufactured by leading lighting companies around the globe.

Join our Cree LED branding partner program and take advantage of these benefits:
  • Give your customers the confidence of knowing that your luminaire is powered with the highest-quality Cree LEDs
  • Provide your customers with the assurance that your luminaire design has been evaluated by Cree LED
  • Benefit from branding your products with Cree LED’s logo
  • Benefit from branding your customer literature, product packaging and website content with Cree LED’s logo
  • Gain exposure through Cree LED’s website and promotions

Contact your Cree LED salesperson for information about joining the Cree LED branding program.

Listed below are representative manufacturer partners who have a formal branding agreement with Cree LED.

General Lighting – Outdoor

Outdoor, Roadway and Parking

Canopy, Tunnel, Parking Garage, Road, Street, Parking Lot

General Lighting – Indoor

High Density/Downlighting

Recessed, Can, Spot lighting, Pendant, Surface-Mount


High-Bay, Linear Strips, Troffers

Retail Lighting

MR Replacement Lamps, PAR Replacement Lamps, BR Replacement Lamps, Accent, Track, Spot


Wall Pack, Post Top, Bollard, Coach, Security, Exterior Sconce, Underwater, Hazard


Spot, Path, Step, Deck, Accent


Studio, Stage, Production

Portable Lighting

Flashlight/Torch, Head Lamp, Lantern, Bike

Automotive & Emergency Vehicle Lighting – Aftermarket

Aftermarket Light Bars, Driving Lights and Headlights

Solution Providers

LED Solution Providers