Cree LED拥有前沿科技,致力于成为业界应用最广泛的LED芯片和LED器件的生产厂商之一,在性能和可靠性方面处于行业领先地位。


  • XLamp® LEDs: 高效能LED器件,优化通用照明和特种照明应用。
  • J Series® LEDs: 适合大多数LED 封装尺寸,完美匹配通用&特种照明需求。
  • High Brightness LEDs: 贴片和草帽管LED,提升显示屏,信号灯以及特种照明应用。
  • LED Chips: InGaN 蓝光&绿光LED芯片,应用范围广泛,涵盖汽车照明、通用照明和特种照明领域。

Cree LED投入了大量资源,来开发引领LED照明行业的技术。我们将继续专注于科研,开发新产品,促进市场增长。同时通过申请专利,保护众多创新。截至2024年1月,Cree LED在美国和全球拥有1800多项专利和未决申请。

Cree LED坚定不移地确保产品质量,致力创新,赢得客户信任。极力反对针对Cree LED品牌和产品的非法活动。对侵犯品牌的行为绝不容忍,并将采取法律行动,同时敦促客户和合作伙伴验证供应链真伪,共同维护行业诚信。


感谢您一直以来的支持!Cree LED始终致力于提供优质的产品。了解更多,请访问:www.cree-led.com。

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Cree LED Products

Cree LED delivers best-in-class technology and one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of application-optimized LED chips and components, leading the industry in performance and reliability.

Major Product Lines

  • XLamp® LEDs: high-performance LED components, optimized for general and specialty lighting applications
  • J Series® LEDs: excellent value for general and specialty lighting applications in the industry’s most common LED package sizes
  • High Brightness LEDs: surface-mount (SMD) and through-hole LEDs optimized for video screens, signs and specialty lighting applications
  • LED Chips: InGaN-based blue & green LED chips for a wide range of applications, including automotive, lighting and specialty applications

Cree LED has invested significant resources to develop technologies that lead the LED lighting industry. We continue to invest in research and development to enable new products and facilitate market growth while protecting many of our innovations via patents. As of January 2024, Cree LED holds more than 1800 patents and pending applications in the US and Worldwide.

Cree LED is unwavering in our commitment to quality, innovation and customer trust. We will aggressively contest illegal activities against our brand and products. We have zero tolerance for brand infringement and will pursue legal action as warranted. We urge our customers and partners to verify their supply chains and help us maintain industry integrity.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Cree LED remains devoted to delivering quality products. Learn more: www.cree-led.com