2023 Product Showcase

November 10, 2023

Industry leading LED solutions for indoor, outdoor and horticulture applications

Cree LED continues to lead the LED industry with new developments, product enhancements and game changing product introductions. We’ve gathered highlights of the best and brightest products delivered this year and we are hard at work on next year’s lineup.

J Series® 2835 Pro9™ LEDs

J Series® 2835 Pro9™ LEDs are optimized to deliver the best value with high efficacy to low-density, indoor lighting applications, such as downlights, troffers and panel lights.

Pro9™ version LEDs deliver up to 24% higher efficacy over standard version LEDs without sacrificing color rendering quality. These LEDs feature the same maximum current plus the same mechanical and electrical characteristics as the standard versions.

Product Features

  • Highest LPW 90 CRI 2835s on the market
  • Four performance choices available in 3V and 9V options
  • Lighting temperatures from 6500K to 2700K

Applications: Downlights, troffers and panel lights in office spaces, retail outlets, hotels and restaurants

Product Resources
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XLamp® Pro9™ LEDs

XLamp® Pro9™ LEDs improve the output, efficacy and size of LED luminaires in commercial applications requiring high quality light. Pro9 LEDs share the same mechanical and electrical characteristics to upgrade to higher CRI with no change in performance and minimal redesign. 2700-4000K CCTs, 90 & 95 CRIs available.

Product Families

  • XLamp Pro9 COB LEDs: CMA, CMB, CMU, CXB, CHA
  • XLamp XP-G4 LEDs
  • XLamp XHP35.2 High Intensity & High-Density LEDs

Product Features

  • High fidelity directional and retail lighting
  • Industry-leading reliability and lumen density
  • 15% higher efficacy for 90 and 95 CRI LEDs
  • Highest operating temperature rating of 105°C

Applications: Retail outlets, hotels and restaurants

Product Resources
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XLamp® XP-G4 LEDs

XLamp® XP-G4 White LEDs incorporate the latest advancements in high-power LED technology for improved optical performance while delivering industry leading efficacy. XP-G4 is optimized for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor directional lighting applications requiring precise light control, good color over angle and long-term reliability.

Product Versions

  • The standard version works best for many applications, including outdoor, torch and specialty
  • The broadcast version is optimized for stadium, arena and medical applications where extremely high TLCI is required
  • The Pro9™ version delivers breakthrough efficacy for applications that require high fidelity 90 & 95 CRI, such as indoor directional and retail

Product Features

  • Industry-leading LPW and optical performance
  • Wide range of phosphor options and easy upgrade path
  • Higher maximum current and lower thermal resistance than competing high-power LEDs

Applications: Directional lighting in stadiums, arenas, medical applications, torch

Product Resources
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Photophyll™ Select LEDs

Photophyll™ Select is a new phosphor-converted LED color with blue and green spectral output tuned for horticulture applications. These LEDs are designed to replace the white LEDs that are common in two-channel white + red horticulture luminaires. By maximizing green content and minimizing red content versus standard lighting LEDs, this LED color enables significant enhancements to luminaire cost and performance.

Product Families

  • XLamp XP-G3 Photophyll Select LEDs combine this new color and the many strengths of the XP-G3 platform, including efficiency, long-term reliability, convenient design ecosystem and optical control
  • J Series 2835 3V G Class Photophyll Select LEDs combine this new color with the industry’s highest efficacy 2835 platform to achieve breakthrough system-level performance

Product Features

  • Industry’s first LEDs entirely binned in horticulture metrics
  • The first LEDs with precise control over the green/blue ratio; optimized for use with 660 nm
    photo red LEDs
  • Upgrade output and efficiency of two-channel luminaires by 6%

Applications: Greenhouse, vertical farming, aquaculture

Product Resources
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Watch the Photophyll™ Select video

High Brightness LEDs

Our High Brightness line has expanded with the availability of three surface mount diode (SMD) LEDs optimized for large-format, high-resolution video screen applications. These new LEDs are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications and provide enhanced performance for all types of displays requiring superior image quality and reliability. Our full portfolio includes through-hole and surface mount diodes in white and color as well as a variety of multi-color LED options.

Product Features

  • CV94A: 3-in-1 RGB SMD LEDs designed to replace P2 LEDs in 10+ mm pixel pitch LED signs/screens, now in 90°/45° beam angle
  • CLMWB: New waterproof (IPx8) RGB SMD LED in small 1.6 x 1.7 mm footprint, optimized for high-resolution outdoor LED video screens
  • UHD111A: Full-color 1.0 x 1.0 mm RGB LED with high-intensity light output and wide viewing angle, optimized for indoor video screen, decorative lighting and amusement applications

Applications: Large-format, high-resolution video screens. stadium signs, airport displays, command center displays and full-color roadway signs

Product Resources
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