New XLamp® CMB LEDs Deliver High Lumen Density & More Lumens Per Watt

October 17, 2022

Cree LED has launched the new XLamp® CMB LED family of products.

No-compromise COB platform delivers both high lumen density and high LPW

  • Drop-in upgrades for Cree LED COB form factors (CXA, CXB, CMA) with the same LES & substrate sizes
  • Up to 8% improvement in LPW vs previous generations by leveraging the latest technology platforms
  • Immediate LM-80 coverage from existing CM family LEDs

XLamp® CMB Family COB LEDs: Upgrade Guide

  • CMB family LEDs are aligned with existing CXA/CXB/CMA form factors & LES sizes
  • CMB family LEDs offer higher max current & increased lumen density vs previous generations
  • Note: all CMB family LEDs have a metal substrate

More Details here: XLamp CMB Family Page