Pro9™ LEDs Offer Breakthroughs in Efficacy and Reliability

January 11, 2023

Pro9™ LEDs set the new standard for high fidelity (90 & 95 CRI min) LEDs

  • 15% higher efficacy for 90 & 95 CRI LEDs
    • 90 CRI light quality at 80 CRI LPW
    • 95 CRI light quality at 90 CRI LPW
  • Upgrade light quality without sacrificing performance
    • Same optical & mechanical design as standard versions
  • Industry-leading reliability & lumen density
    • Unmatched operating limits with 105°C operating temperature

XLamp® Pro9 LEDs improve the output, efficacy and size of LED luminaires in commercial applications requiring high quality light. Pro9 LEDs have the industry’s highest operating temperature rating of 105°C and share the same mechanical and electrical characteristics to upgrade to higher CRI with no change in performance and minimal redesign. 2700-4000K CCTs, 90 & 95 CRIs available.

Product samples and production quantities of the Pro9 versions of XLamp CXB, CMA, CMB, CHA and CMU family COB LEDs and XLamp XP-G4 and XHP35.2 LEDs are available now with standard lead times.

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J Series® 2835 Pro9™ LEDs are optimized to deliver the best value with high efficacy

Pro9™ version LEDs deliver up to 24% higher efficacy over standard version LEDs without sacrificing color rendering quality. These LEDs feature the same maximum current plus the same mechanical and electrical characteristics as the standard versions.

Product Summary

J Series® 2835 Pro9™ LEDs are designed to elevate commercial spaces, these LEDs are perfect for linear and panel lighting in offices, retail environments, hotels and restaurants.

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