Upgraded Specs: XLamp® XQ-E, XP-E2 & XHP35.2 LEDs

February 1, 2023

Improved Specs and New Colors Available for select XLamp® Product Lines

Cree LED has announced upgraded specs for their XLamp XQ-E, XP-E2 & XHP35.2 LEDs. These popular LEDs are used for just about every LED lighting application, but are most popular in architectural, indoor spotlight and automotive aftermarket applications.

Improvements and updates include, higher max currents for XLamp XQ-E, XP-E2 & XHP35.2 LEDs

  • Up to 50% higher max current
  • More intensity and lumen density
  • New colors for XQ-E: PC Lime and PC Cyan
  • New XQ-E white: 1800K & 2200K

XLamp® LED Higher Currents & Updates

Cree LED Portfolio: Single Color LEDs for Architectural & Entertainment Applications

All products are available with short lead times and samples are available through distribution.

Get technical details and product selector for XLamp® XQ-E: https://www.cree-led.com/products/leds/xlamp/xd-xq/

XLamp® XP-E2: https://www.cree-led.com/products/leds/xlamp/xp-xt/

XLamp® XHP35.2: https://www.cree-led.com/products/leds/xlamp/xhp/