XLamp® Horizon Horticulture LEDs

April 30, 2024

New XLamp® Horticulture LEDs reduce height between lighting and plants to provide more uniform lighting and lower costs

Horticulture and other forms of agricultural lighting require application-tuned ratios of spectral content, high efficacy and long lifetimes. Since these systems are designed to maximize yields for plants and animals, they require different metrics than lighting products designed around the human visual system.

New XLamp® Horizon LEDs feature two horticulture beam angles to enable luminaires to be mounted up to 40% closer to the plant canopy for greater plant density while maintaining better lighting uniformity than standard LEDs. These LEDs also feature the highest possible level of sulfur and corrosion resistance and are available on 5 LED colors: White, Photophyll™ Select, Royal Blue, Photo Red and Far Red.

  • Two horticulture beam shapes
  • Can be placed up to 40% closer to plants than standard LEDs, with up to 10% higher light levels and similar uniformity

XLamp® Horizon LEDs

Benefits For Vertical Farming and Greenhouses

Increases plant density for vertical farms

  • More plants can be grown in a rack footprint
  • Lower costs, higher revenues

Increases uniformity & efficiency for greenhouses

  • Square illuminance pattern
  • Allows use of more efficient optics

Includes S Line sulfur resistance

  • Highest possible level of LED corrosion resistance
  • Increases system reliability

XLamp®Horizon LEDs: Horticulture Beam Shapes

Value in Vertical Farm Applications

Value in Greenhouse Applications

Cree LED has expanded its horticulture LED portfolio with the introduction of XLamp Horizon LEDs. New beam shapes are designed to spread the LED light output more evenly over the plants below. Through efficient design and free-form silicone encapsulants designed to produce a wide distribution, XLamp Horizon LEDs can be placed up to 40% closer to plant beds than LEDs with standard dome shapes, while also providing up to 10% greater light levels and similar uniformity.

By taking advantage of the new beam shapes, shelving space in vertical farms can be maximized or light uniformity and efficiency in greenhouses can be improved. Engineered with industry-leading sulfur and corrosion resistance, these LEDs are built to thrive in demanding greenhouse environments, ensuring longevity and reliability.

XLamp®Horizon LEDs – Product Details and Order Codes

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