New 95 CRI and Pro9™ Options for XLamp® XHP LEDs

August 1, 2023

Unbeatable combination of lumen output, high intensity and high reliability

Cree LED’s XLamp® Extreme High Power (XHP) LEDs deliver the best lumen density, reliability and optical control for their size. Lighting manufacturers can use these LEDs to create designs that are not possible with other LEDs, or leverage the XHP performance advantages to significantly reduce system cost by using fewer optics, PCBs and heat sinks.

Cree LED has recently expanded the XHP family products to include new versions optimized for indoor directional lighting:

  • Pro9™ versions of the XHP35.2 HD and HI LEDs, with up to 10% higher efficacy at 90 CRI vs Standard
  • 95 CRI minimum options for XHP35.2, XHP50.3 and XHP70.3 HI LEDs

These latest generation XHP family LEDs offer the latest phosphor fill technology between the LED chips for improved optical performance versus the previous generations. They also feature the widest portfolio of package, voltage and color quality options ever available on XHP family LEDs.

The newest option available for XHP family LEDs is the Pro9 versions of the XHP35.2 HD and HI LEDs, which offer drop-in upgrades in performance and light quality over the Standard versions. Cree LED is the first LED manufacturer to deliver this phosphor technology in surface-mount high power LEDs. As shown in the graph below, the XHP35.2 HI Pro9 LED can reduce the power needed to deliver hundreds of lumens by around 10% versus the existing Standard version.

Product samples for all XHP family LEDs are available now through Cree LED distributors and production quantities are available with standard lead times.

Product details:

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