March 29, 2024

NEW XLamp® XHP High Density & High Intensity 3V LEDs for Portable Applications

Cree LED delivers superior brightness, light quality and efficiency for portable applications. Our XLamp® LEDs are ideally suited for torch, flashlight, tactical flashlight, head lamp, bike light, weapon light and lantern portable applications.

Cree LED Portable LED Portfolio: Lumen Optimized

Cree LED Portable LED Portfolio: Beam Distance Optimized

New XHP High Density & High Intensity 3V Versions

Cree LED continues to expand its XLamp® XHP White LED family with new 3V options available for all 6 XHP products. XHP LEDs deliver industry-leading lumen density, light quality and optical control for portable lighting applications. All 3V versions are available with 5000K-7000K CCT options optimized for maximum performance.

In addition, like its larger siblings, the new XHP35.2 LED voltage option feature a package that is configurable to either 3V or 6V based on the PCB solder pad layout. Just one LED order code can be used in two different ways, keeping costs low and performance high, no matter what type of battery system is used to drive the LEDs.

Product samples for all XLamp® XHP white LEDs are available now through Cree LED distributors and production quantities are available with standard lead times.

Fresnel Lens Spotlight Reference Design

This reference showcases the excellent optical performance of the XLamp XHP70.3 High Intensity LED in a high-lumen portable application. Pairing the XHP70.3 High Intensity LEDs together with a LEDIL SEANNA-A Fresnel lens results in an incredibly tight 4° beam of light with 516,000 cd – equivalent to almost a mile of flashlight throw!

These incredible results were made possible by the latest innovations in the XHP family: higher max current rating, improvement to the on-axis intensity and the new High Intensity version of the LED. Check out the reference design for the beam shots.

Convoy M3-C Flashlight Reference Design

This reference design demonstrates the increase in performance available from upgrading from the previous generation XHP70.2 LED to the current XHP70.3 High Intensity LED in an off-the-shelf flashlight, the Convoy M3-C.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 70% improvement in peak candela at matched drive current
  • 72% improvement in candela per lumen, tighter beam angle
  • 131% improvement in peak candela at max drive current
  • 52% increased throw
  • Improved color over angle

Overcurrent Application Note

Cree LED expands the industry’s only portable-specific overdrive current guidance with an entire application note on recommended practices and overcurrent limits across a range of LED case temperatures. This application note will help portable lighting manufacturers squeeze maximum performance out of the specified LEDs with less guess work and testing. The guidance in the application note is based on a flashlight-specific testing plan with the goal of extracting the maximum lumens possible from the LED over an operating period of 30-60 seconds, commonly called “Turbo” mode in many flashlights.

Cree LED began providing Overdrive Currents back in 2019 and is still the only LED manufacturer to provide guidance on how to achieve maximum performance in short-term operation, as is common in flashlights. Cree LED expanded Overdrive Current information in 2022 to include a uniform test method and a broader range of LEDs.

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