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August 1, 2022

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Cree LED is back in the spotlight with new products, applications and product enhancements to empower the lighting world. Get caught up here on our latest updates – we’ve got a lot to share.

183 New Flux Bins. Performance Improvements. Industry-leading XLamp LEDs with even more lumens and options to build your brightest luminaires. Always Innovating. Always Brighter.

183 new flux bins across the XLamp® LED Family

Powered by innovation, Cree LED’s industry leading XLamp® LEDs now have more lumens and options to build your brightest luminaires. 183 new flux bin options, more lumens per watt and drop-in upgrades for XLamp LEDs. Our continuous improvement delivers best-in-class technology, quality and performance.


XP-G3 S-Line

  • 4 new flux bins


  • 31 new flux bins
  • W3 available for E1-E5 70 CRI


XP-G3 White

  • 26 new flux bins
  • New S6 offering for E2-E5 70 CRI


  • 12 new flux bins
  • U4 available for E1-E5 70 CRI


XT-E White & Royal

  • 29 new flux bins
  • New royal flux bin for 455-465 nm


  • 11 new flux bins



  • 54 new flux bins


  • 16 new flux bins

Presenting Our New Product Lineup

XLamp® Element G LEDs

XLamp® Element G LEDs

  • A breakthrough for architectural and indoor directional LEDs
  • Next-level implementation for color mixing applications
  • The industry’s broadest family of small, color LEDs with consistent 3A max current ratings across all colors


XLamp® XM-L® Color Gen 2 LED

  • RGBW LEDs that deliver high lumen output and great color mixing in a small 5.0 x 5.0 mm package
  • Up to 1.75A drive current, 75% higher than the first generation product
  • Optimized for all high performance RGBW applications, including theatrical, architectural and entertainment

XLamp® XD16 LEDs

  • Extreme density LED, delivers up to 5.5X higher lumen density than previous generation high-power LEDs
  • Two versions available: New Premium White and Standard
    – Premium White: upgrades the optical profile of the LED, adding superior performance with secondary optics and reduced cross talk between LEDs
    – Standard: optimized for tightly packed arrays of multiple LEDs
  • Optimized for all lighting applications that require extreme levels of lumen density


XLamp® CHA Family COB LEDs

  • Industry-leading combination of lumen density and efficacy in LES sizes as small as 3.3 mm
  • Delivers 50% higher lumen density than existing XLamp CMU family, offering significant improvements in beam angle and intensity
  • Compatible with existing high-intensity COB holders and optics
  • Optimized for premium indoor directional (track, spot & downlight) and outdoor directional

J Series® 2835 Color LEDs

  • This mid-power LED family features 14 available colors, top performance and the broadest range of options available in a 2835 package
  • Optimized for low-density and linear lighting applications
  • 3V configuration at industry-compatible size: 2.8 x 3.5 x 0.7 mm
  • 2835 color LEDs use a standard 2835 package with most colors having the same polarity as Cree LEDs other options


J Series® Precision Dimming

  • New production technique improves light output and hue when dimming LEDs to low current
  • Precision dimming controls strings to just 5% change in relative intensity

Application Demos: Exciting Options for Your Next Lighting Project

With industry-leading lumen density, reliability and efficacy, we offer the widest portfolio of lighting-class LED components optimized for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Cree LED recently demonstrated 6 key applications of our product portfolio, highlighting our state-of-the-art LED illumination sources. With displays ranging from horticulture to traditional color mixing to circadian stimulus, we’ve got exciting options for your next lighting product.

XLamp® Element G “Periodic Table” Display

Specialty Lighting: Architectural

XLamp® Element G “Periodic Table” Display

This large animated display showcased the new XLamp® XE-G LED family, featuring all 17 Colors plus 3 White LEDs.

  • Provides new levels of light output and spectral control
  • No-compromise LED package design with an industry-leading combination of features

Projector using a XLamp® XM-L Color Gen 2 High Intensity LED with best color mixing

Specialty Lighting: Architectural

XLamp® Color Tunable Demonstration

Architectural lighting is demonstrated with color-tunable projectors.

  • Projector using a XLamp® XM-L Color Gen 2 High Intensity LED with best color mixing
  • Projector using 4 XLamp Element G (XE-G) LEDs with breakthrough output and mixing from a multi-LED solution

Human Centric/Circadian Stimulus (CS) Demonstration

Indoor Lighting

Human Centric/Circadian Stimulus (CS) Demonstration

Circadian Stimulus “CS” is the best new metric for measuring the effects that light has on the melatonin content in your body, which affects alertness.

  • 6-channel J Series® 2835 Color LEDs allows CCT/CS tuning
  • See high, standard and low Circadian Stimulus at 3000K and 4000K CCT

Indoor Lighting Spotlight Demonstration

Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting Spotlight Demonstration

Indoor lighting is demonstrated using a ceiling-mounted, broad-range CCT tuning spotlight demonstration.

  • 1800K-7500K CCT, 90 CRI
  • 6-channel system using XLamp® Element G LEDs
  • Touch screen interface, fully controllable

Indoor Lighting Precision Dimming Demonstration

Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting Precision Dimming Demonstration

Precision Dimming provides a simplified approach to address the issue of unacceptable LED light output and hue variations when using low-current dimming.

  • The demonstration shows the difference between two possible designs with unacceptable variation and a design properly controlled with Precision Dimming

2-Channel Horticulture Fixture Demonstration

Specialty Lighting: Horticulture

2-Channel Horticulture Fixture Demonstration

Highlighting the new J2835 Photophyll Select with XLamp® XP-G3 S Line Photo Red LEDs.

  • Industry’s first LED to be completely binned in horticulture metrics: PPF, Red % & Green/Blue Ratio
  • Easy 2-step design approach reduces complexity
  • See high, standard and low Circadian Stimulus at 3000K and 4000K CCT
  • 6% increase in system PPF & PPF/W vs White + Red design
  • Up to 3.25 PPF/W broad spectrum luminaire
  • 17% increase in lumens